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Mods working for host but not clients

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I've noticed with a few mods I've downloaded, and some tweaks i've done in my own tuning mod, that various functions only seem to work for the host.


Note in these examples my testing environment is a LAN setup with a housemate so we can discount latency or packet loss for the most part. We also often have a third (and fourth) player off-site as a client having the same issues.

For example, im my tuning mods:

item durability:

  • works fine for host and clients.

stack size:

  • functions for all players
  • clients do not see correct stack sizes
  • client stacks (if over default) will stack over max size
  • client stacks can be split to reveal how many items are being carried
  • if client has 2 stacks of the same resource, say one at 60 and one at 20, the one at 60 will keep growing and the one at 20 will never accrue more items

icon range (code from my mod):

-- Range to see other player icon on screenTUNING.MIN_INDICATOR_RANGE = 0TUNING.MAX_INDICATOR_RANGE = 5000
  • functions for host
  • clients get default icon range
  • i have tested with MIN set to 5000 as well in case that's the minimum proximity to start showing the icon rather than the minimum proximity to hide the icon


I have also noticed this behaviour with Alks's Display Food Values mod, only the host seems to get the food information, as a client I never see it.


Does anyone have any suggestions for solving this issue ? My feeling is it could simply be the game's code is too janky right now for some of these things to be reliable, e.g. we don't always see nearby player icons even without a mod.


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The reason the player arrow range change doesn't work is because the server doesn't actually send you the location of the other players unless you're near them.


For stack size, clients also having the mod should fix this. This is why the all_clients_require_mod flag in the modinfo was added.


But yes, much data is not available to clients directly. I don't think there is a way to fix Display Food Values for clients elegantly, but when custom networking for mods gets clarified, there might be a way to force the host to provide food value information to clients on connect.

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Yeah that's kinda what I was assuming, that the host had all the info and it wasnt propagating to clients.

In the case of my stacks mod, everyone did have it and my housemate and I tested it with each of us hosting with the same result no matter who was host/client.

None of it is a really big deal, just hopefully stuff that will be resolved during development ( more info being sent to clients or allowing clients to request more info ).

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