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I've been watching a few YouTube vids on DST lately (long time player just waiting on my free invite) and I was thinking what would happen if you were playing with people you don't know and you had deferent home base's set up, it would open it up for the other players to raid all your hard earned booty u have been storing up while you were away from your base with you none the wiser and at the moment I cant see any way to stop them form doing so.


so I'm suggesting introducing a Hound House to counteract this


builds from - Alchemy Engine

materials - 4 hound teeth, 4 boards, 4 cut grass, 1 cut stone, 1 rope

spawns - 1 tethered hound attached to the Hound House by a rope

use - hound will spawn wild attacking everything and one, all camp members must feed the hound 1 normal meat to stop the hound from attacking them and become his friend, if you feed him 1 monster meat he will accept no more friends for the next 2 days (to stop people just feeding him to get pass) the way it will works is that just like when you get the growl to warn you of a hound attack, your hound will warn you the same way that you have a intruder near him, when you hear the growl your Toon will say something like "is that Roger?" or something like that, also will attack anything that get to close to him.


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