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Find which server I was last on?

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So I get disconnected quite regulary. Thats not an issue since this is beta. My issue is that I dont always remember what the server were called and therefor cannot return and have to start all over on another server.

Is there any way for me to see my history and see the name of the last server I was on? 

Please its getting really frustrating.

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Not that I know of. generally, cuz of that i'll put down a stickynote with the name of the server. Another way to do it is you add the host of the server as a friend, then if you disconnect you can sort the server results to only show the ones that have your friends in it. I would also suggest, when going to a new server, sort the sesults from lowest ping to highest ping so you disconnect less hopefully (you want the lowest number possible). Hope this helps  :eagerness:


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Hi SillyWilson


Thanks for the tips. I ususally do try and remember the name of the server but sometimes I forget. Will take your suggestions to heart and start using them, especially the ones about the pings. 

BUt dont you think that a server history or something like that would be a good idea in the future? Or atleast a reconnect button when you loose connection instead of just a "Okey" button that sends you all the way back to the font page.


Thanks again for answering.

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