Don´t Starve Together separate buying

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Hello my name is Daniel and I want ask on one think.

I buyed Don´t Starve + DLC pack with copies for my friend, but on registration to beta was too late and now I can´t buy or I  didn´t received this standelone multiplayer and I don´t want buy Full Game agin.
Can Anyone help me ?  




PS:I have game on Steam

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@Kdandikk, Multiplayer hasn't released yet, it's still in beta. When it releases (some time next Spring), you'll get it for free. Otherwise, if you want it sooner, you can get into the beta by getting the Frontier Pack, which should have a key for you and your friend for $5.

Spring of 2015 is the release of Through the Ages, not Don't Starve Together, IIRC.

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