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Don't Starve Together... Apart?

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Early on you find that if you team-up with another player it's too uneffective to be together. You won't find enough resources or even food for both of you. It make syou forget about "Together" tactic and stay apart scouting around alone most of the time. And this is a problem, be cause the whole point of the edition is to stay together and beat the challangies that world throws at you! I see how it can be fixed, yet I don't know how much it will effect the overarrole balance of the system.


Make meals shareble! If the other player stand close to you and your player have no problems of eating this type of food - you share it with him. You both regen amount of hunger that usualy gained only by single other player. The way I see how you can balance it, is that only non-chewable meals will be shareble. Meaning you can only share small meals. And this may be enough, since it's a bit more easy getting food later in the game.

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This idea has been mentioned before, but from what I've read people have said that it only makes the game much easier. Listed below are some of the topics with more or less the same idea. 

Personally, I believe there are better ways to bring about togetherness in DST. But that's just me.

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