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Co-op exploration

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Exploring is a pretty important part of the game and i do not know why you cannot see your friend(s). The only reason i can think of for leaving this out would be PVP. Even if you cannot see the part of the map they explore (which would be really helpful when trying to survive together) it would amazing to have their icon on them map surrounded by black unexplored area.


It would be gratly apreciated if this was considered.  :joyous:


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A way for players to share map information I believe is currently in the works by the devs, but no definite date and time when it will be available. On the other hand when it comes with being able to track where other players that are in the world wherever they are, even if they're in an area you haven't explored yet is a whole different ball game. Personally, I prefer if we had an indication of north, south, etc. in-game on the map instead. Not just using a compass which makes your character say which direction you are facing. Though there are multiple ways to go about directions and that is also a whole different topic.


If the devs don't put such things in, hopefully someone will be frustrated enough to make a mod for it.

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I see it as a way to promote good communication between players, constant waypoints or map icons on where everyone else is in my opinion would make it too easy and take away from the harshness and chance of getting lost.


That's why you make it a toggle-able option. As it stands right now you can turn on or off plenty of things that make the game easy/hard, so what would be the difference.

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