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Saving Sever Files?

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Since dedicated servers aren't released yet, I was wondering if anyone knows and would share the location of the server files? They seem to be located client side, since someone has to host the server on their computer. I'm wondering if you could set up a drop box-like file sharing with your friends and if anyone wants to play, they copy over the server files and then sync them up when they're done. I wonder if this would be possible similar to how people cheat around the saved files and copy their saved game files so when they die they can retry from an old save point.

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@ErkZ, Documents/Klei/DoNotStarveTogether/save. The survival_1, 2, etc are the saves from games you've hosted. The client folder holds your character data for servers you've joined, and the server folder holds the character data for players that have joined you servers, I think. I'm not sure that a dropbox syncing system will work for this, but you're welcome to try :p

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