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Login troubles...

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Okay, wife and I are trying to play DST, and we have made it work prior to today.


Usually she uses our old Laptop, which runs fine but DST lags to hell on it.

Today she wants to use her Desktop. The problem is theres no way to login, it just keeps asking her to make a new account.


She tried simply entering her E-Mail and DOB on the form to see if it would log her in but it wont, Are we missing something here or is her account now bound to our Laptop?


Many thanks in advance.


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There have been multiple reports of the same situations, apparently I believe it has something to do with the Frontier Packs. Unless you had DST from before that was available. The only thing we can really do now is wait for devs to say something about the issue and/or the issue gets resolved within the next 24 hours.

BTW, there is a missing closing parenthesis in your signature.


edit: I believe you were editing your signature when I first posted this reply.

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