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Suggestion: survival rating.

One thing I have noticed when joining random server games is that people tend to bail out pretty quickly when the going gets tough. It is also hard to know, when you are looking for a server to join, how difficult the world is going to be to survive. It is also hard to tell at a glance how experienced someone you are playing with is.
I would like to suggest implementing a survival rating score. This score would reflect how well and how long you survive in your Don't Starve Together experience. The general concept would be that the longer you survive and the harsher the conditions, the higher your score gets. The more you die, or the more you stay dead as a ghost, the lower your score gets. Your survival rating can then be used for bragging rights with your friends.
First, the server conditions would affect the rate of score increase or decrease. The harsher the conditions, the higher difficulty rating for the server, and surviving longer brings your score up faster. Harsh server conditions would be things like fewer resources, more lightning or meteor showers, longer nights, longer winters, etc.
Second, your score goes up while surviving in actual harsh conditions. Your score would go up faster in the winter and slower in the summer. This would reward people with higher survival scores for toughing out the harshest time in the game.
Third, your score would go down each time you die. It can also continue to go down the longer you remain a ghost. This would encourage people to want to get back to living status sooner.


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I've got a few questions for you, Would this Survival Rating be Global? And would be seen as the same survival rating on all servers of any kind, player-hosted and dedicated?


Personally, I like the way things are now that the only way for you to distinguish experienced players from the newbies is actually playing alongside them. Plus, there are times that people play on their own servers just for fun and die multiple times testing out new game content or functions etc. Along with that, people can cheat your system by hosting their own server and making the harshest environment possible but also be able to use the debug console to adjust the world as they please. For that, you can counter it by, disregarding updates to a players Survival Rating on a server if they enter a usable code on their debug console in that server. 


I do however, see this as a perfect mod option for hosts to use on their own player-hosted/dedicated servers. PvP or not, the host would have a better understanding of the other players in their server.


Overall, I think it'll be cool to have Survival Rating as a mod.

But that's just me.



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