[General] - Binding Say/Whisper to Enter key


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Bug Submission:

Category: General

Issue Title: Binding Say/Whisper to Enter key

Issue Description: Binding the Enter key for either of the chat functions causes the player to instantly enter input mode after pressing Enter.

Another similar problem is that the bind for Left Shift + Enter while Enter is bound doesn't work. It does work when Enter is not bound, though.

Steps to Reproduce: Bind Say/Whisper to Enter key

Press Enter for chat

Press Enter again to send message

Say/Whisper is activated again

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This bug is particularly frustrating to me, as I'm much more comfortable with an enter/shift+enter chat system than the Y/U chat system. Normally games that adhere to one still allow you to change the bindings to the other, but in DST this bug prevents it, and also causes other problems like opening the map or picking up inventory items when you finish typing, depending on where your mouse is when you finish.

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