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Bug Submission:

Category: Gameplay

Issue Title: Eventual Lag

Issue Description: The game started to lag badly on day 42 for a server world online with only two players. It was unusual in that it only happened at night or in the evening time, so we suspect that it's caused by a lot of variable that are present at day 42, from spiders to lureplants (Though I must say, having a hornet biome of 30 or so gives is a bit of overkill, ain't it?...)

Steps to Reproduce: Get far enough into the game where a lot of variable start to interact.

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  • Developer

Hey @Roewin


Thanks for the report :)


Yes, we are aware of cases of performance degradation and we are trying to track them down.


Depending on your system the world could be too heavy to run smoothly (which is why we aim to optimize more) but it could also be related to a specific kind of entity or interaction of variables indeed. A 2 person world shouldn't bring a machine to its knees.


For now, all I can suggest as a possible workaround is (if this iss on a world you were hosting) when it happens to quit the world, quit Don't Starve Together and relaunch it and resume your world -  it may solve it.


Hope that helps,



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