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Some feed back about the 3 game modes

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Here's a little feedback and also a little heads up info for new comers about the 3 different modes in DST.


Endless:  Pretty much the same game as Don't Starve.  The world is still susceptible to griefers and that can make for a frustrating play experience but its still fun if you just want the tradition Don't Starve experience.  Great way for beginners to learn and play I feel.  Also it provides a good place to learn the mechanics and get to know some of the community in the game.  Usually light and friendly with an open option to work together or do your own thing.  Dedicatedes usually have many bases spread all over the map that give the world some history and flavor.  Though there haven't been any endless dedicatedes since the introduction of Wilderness


Survival:  In my opinion a very fun mode to play that encourages group cooperation.  Not for a beginner but more for an amateur player who has learned the ropes of Dont Starve and is capable or wants to better know what to do and how to contribute.  On the down side I feel this mode is a griefers paradise because all they have to do is just die to start bringing down the other players.  Not to mention that on top of that any damage they do to bases or other players(ie killing them because for some strange reason which I still can not understand all survival servers are PvP which makes absolutely no sense whatsoever) can be much harder to overcome than in endless or wilderness.  I wish this mode attracted more of the "lets work together" and less of the "im gonna do my own thing" crowd.  This mode is much better suited being played with friends and those you trust which for me is a bit lame because I enjoy playing with strangers in open servers


Wilderness:  The newest addition to Don't Starve Together, which is usually a PvP server.  This is NOT a beginners server.  In fact Wilderness servers definitely have more of the experienced players only feel to it for one reason and one reason only.  Since the first Wilderness server I joined it is almost an unspoken rule that it is every man for himself and kill or be killed.  There are still plenty of players who seek out others and group up but they are heavily outnumbered by those who want to do there own thing and more or less own the server through PvP.  I got decimated on my first server because EVERYONE would kill me before I could sufficiently defend myself.  I am having tons of fun on these servers.  But WIlderness does have one overwhelming drawback, the first to arrive claim the world.  They get all the best resources and deplete the world of its limited resources i.e. gears immediately.  Everyone else who joins post first winter are pretty much stuck with whats left over and there is no mechanic that replenishes these resources which is a shame for those who join late.  Also with all the pyromaniacs out there most forests are burned to ash and along with them the normal trees and their ever so precious evil flowers.  Because there is no ghost mechanic farming nightmare fuel easily is almost impossible unless you to return to the old traditional approach of killing beardings.  As for griefing, not really a problem on account that everyone is kinda fighting for supremacy and a griefer's actions are no different the actions of a long term survivor on a wilderness map.   


Hope my feedback is helpful! and informative to all you new players.  Welcome to DST!

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