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A Minimap May Be Necessary

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It could be just me, and please tell me if I'm the odd man out, but when traveling from point A to point B, especially if there is a sizable distance between them, I will constantly open my map to make sure I'm still on track.


Playing with a friend tonight, It really got me thinking how much time was being wasted while the world aged when I was looking at my map. I made a post where I discussed an idea to minimize wasted time when playing with a friend or two. (Please check it out, I think it's a wonderful idea with absolutely no drawbacks)



After I made that post, I began to think more about my time spent with DST, and about times when I was traveling and checking my map en route. I would almost go as far to say that 5%-10% of my traveling time was spent flashing my map onscreen just to make sure I was still heading the right way, I was avoiding obstacles or even to check that I was still on a road I couldn't see beneath the snow.


While I believe the idea I had in my other post is a good start, and had it's own merit, (triggering a global pause while all players had their maps pulled up) I believe that in addition, a minimap would solve the need to spend time in your map while en-route to your destination. Don't Starve being a game highly focused on time management, every minute counts, and time spent checking my map adds up. What do you think?

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