Grappling Hook Enemy

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I think an enemy with a grappling ability would be quite menacing. We're about to get leaping spiders, who can change their position to get near enough to you to do damage, but a grappling enemy would move you instead.

An example of a current monster that would benefit from this AI change...

Treeguard - Using vines makes it a serious threat again. If you are close enough it'll pull you closer and be able to get at least one solid hit on you. Of course this means the treeguard would need some sort of worthwhile loot as well. Perhaps it could drop its vine on death, and this weapon would let you pull npc's towards you while doing damage. It could have perhaps ten uses. This would be less useful for spiders or pigs; I don't want to be attacked by them right after. It would serve more a function as to hunt birds, as it'd be a "ranged" weapon with limited uses.

So yeah, I think being pulled towards an enemy is an absolutely terrifying experience, one scarier than being lunged at. It should make its way into the AI somehow. We have a winter update coming Soon, perhaps that sort of AI could make a winter mob unique.

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