[Gameplay] - Light Bug With Lantern and Mining Helmet


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Bug Submission:

Category: Gameplay

Issue Title: Light Bug With Lantern and Mining Helmet

Issue Description: Hello,

Me and my friend started playing Lights Out Together and he has issue with light. He can only walk with me wearing Mining Helmet or Lantern, but when he is wearing them, he cant see any light. He can only walk with torch and that is annoying. When he is standing with lantern or mining helmet, when he is seeing dark, its not actually dark and Charlie is not trying to kill him. We checked if he has that same problem in non-lights out world and he has it. He reinstalled Dont Starve and DST and it didnt help.

1. picture is showing that he has normal light from campfire (and from torches, firepits, trees.. under fire)

2. picture is showing him, when he is holding Lantern. The small light under him is from ending lighting strike.

3. picture is showing him holding lantern and that he is seeing my light, not his.

4. picture is from my screen, showing you that I can see his light.

Thanks for reading/solving our problem.

Have a nice day


Steps to Reproduce: He was using torches and my lighting company.

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