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Add custom tech tree/crafting tab

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Basically it's just like what it says - how can I add a custom recipe tab in which I can store custom recipes for normally uncraftable items? I only need to know how to add a custom tab (and it's picture (probably in .tex)) and I already know about adding custom recipes. 


Any ideas about adding a custom tab and it's picture through a modmain.lua file? This is what I've gotten to so far and it obviously doesn't work:




Recipe = GLOBAL.Recipe
Ingredient = GLOBAL.Ingredient
    CUSTOM = { str = "CUSTOM", sort = 11, icon = "rsz_12th_doc.tex" },
STRINGS.RECIPE_DESC.SILK = "A spidery silk for testing"
Recipe( "silk", { Ingredient("cutgrass", 1), Ingredient("twigs", 1) }, RECIPETABS.CUSTOM, TECH.NONE )
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