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So far so good, couple requests and questions

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Veteran player of don't starve and reign of giants. Played till winter in local lan game, and a 7 days per mode. So far my biggest complaint is I really miss controller support, i hope integrating in back in is a priority. I was happy to see cutting burning trees not nerfed for Together, if you do this this in future could you have the fire have an effect on chops remaining compared to how close it is to charcoal. I felt the complete lack of effect in Reign of Giants was less realistic. (And meant I used a lot more pig labor)


I was surprised how well the worlds held up in the online worlds (especially pvp) 90+ days, expected all saplings and grass tufts to have been hidden in bases, flint and gold squirreled away and everything else to have been burned out. The balancing of resources and meteor showers seem to have worked really well.


Are the worlds customized based on the maximum amount of players? I didn't set any restrictions (or change any setting from default together forever) for my LAN game, and we found 4 patches of berries in a pig village, for a total of around 40, for just me and my wife seemed way too much. Doubt that would of been the case in a larger multi-player game. Perhaps have set pieces with different sizes depending on maximum players?


Ghost minion mobs seem under-powered versus other mobs, I took 5 against a medium spider nest, very quickly had no minions or loot, same for 6 against 2 tallbirds.


Saved settings, or saved searches for server searches would be nice. Also descriptions for the gamemodes when setting up a server.


Overall happy and looking forward to don't starve beta again :-)

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@justdev42, The only default rescaling is that worlds generate on the Large setting. You just found a really jackpot pig village, I think :p


Ghost minions are so strong! They are the annihilators of all that live. (actually tallbirds are more deadly to them than most things, but you should've definitely won with 5 vs a tier 2 spider nest. You do have to work to micro them over the spiders, though) 

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