[Server Crash] - Ewecus and Not valid targets


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Bug Submission:

Category: Server Crash
Issue Title: Ewecus and Not valid targets
Issue Description: A server crash occurred when a player disconnected while fighting Ewecus (Spat)

Steps to Reproduce:

- c_spawn("spat")
- Disconnect while he's running away and before he turns back. (Need a good timing)
- crash :/



In behaviours/faceentity.lua (line 68): add self.target:IsValid() condition

if self.target and self.target:IsValid() and self.keepfn(self.inst, self.target) then    if self.inst.sg:HasStateTag("canrotate") then        self.inst:FacePoint(self.target.Transform:GetWorldPosition())    endelse    self.status = FAILEDend


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