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Self made mod crashes instantly. Need pointers.


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Hey folks,


I was following crazycatlady's video tut's on youtube.


My mod is a female version of webber.

Heres what I did.


1.Downloaded klei's exapmple character

2.Replaced all names (wod) with (Lyph)

3.Extruded /anim/wod.zip

4.Used textools to turn .tex into .png

5.--Didnt use aboves .png.


6.Went into games folder, extracted webbers anim/webber.zip

7.Used textools to recompile webbers .tex

8.Replaced all images


9.Reinstered my anim file into vanilla game.

10. Webber is now my fully functioning female Lyph


11. Created a new folder named Lyph inside mod folder

12. Took the example folders renamed content placed it inside.

13. Used build renamer to change webbers build from webber to Lyph


14. Inserted the new build and asset-0 into Lyph.zip and placed it into anim folder

15. Started game.

16. Enabled mod, insta crash.


Log ends in this,

scripts/mods.lua(292,1) Mod: Lyph      Registering default mod prefab    
expected ' or "


Can anyone tell me what I missed?

Also, I have now renamed all Lyph to lyph, didn't work.

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using webbers renamed build file and my atlas-0 file in the anim/zip on the example character mod did work.

No idea why the original keeps crashing, but I think I'll just go with what works now.




So i just finished renaming everything, everything is still working.

No idea what the error was, but simply replacing my files with the example characters and renaming everything after did the trick.

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