Lv3 tree stump, and Trees (non-withered) - Further interaction

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Summary, or TL-DR

> Lv3 Tree Stumps - Can use item to interact, make into a "Stump Table". Used for repairs, or for resting (Sanity Meter)

> Trees - Can use Ropes to interact, turning into a tree sling trap/catapult. Used as a trap, or a defense mechanic.


Lv3 Tree Stump

I understand that stumps can be removed using Shovel, but I thought it's a waste to simply let this be the final end. I was thinking what more can be made from this that can help with survival (I know it's easy enough at the moment, for future when devs make it far harder maybe). The Lv3 tree stump itself is pretty big (larger than the waist of the characters), so I thought, using tool or item (Flint, or something else after the new research system is out, or items), a Lv3 tree stump can be improved/shaped into a structure tool - Stump Table

You can use this table to repair your items, bringing durability up to 100% (or close to) using your current available resources - Log suit, you replace scratched or chipped parts of the logs with fresh logs, or torn ropes with fresh rope - Spear, blunt flint from excessive poking gets replaced, or the ropes caked in blood and loose gets replaced and tightened... etc.

Resource management. Resource costs depends on the state of the tools in question, or can be a simply be a straight up 25%-50% discount versus making a completely new tool.

The stump table can also be used in other ways - Sanity Meter. This is just my own interpretation based on the Roadmap. Maybe your character can to pen down his/her thoughts, regrets, or adventure, to reduce his/her insanity. The table allows for writing Books or Diary! Of course, there's a need for a pen (Feather pen item, perhaps), ink (This, I have no idea as of yet. Blood of the slain animals would not help with sanity, for sure), and paper (Papyrus). The table, because it's really low, can be used as a seat as well. Take a rest, calm down, continue on later.


They sway from side to side, suggesting that they're rather... Flexible. Perhaps for the Sapling Tree or Normal Tree, this flexibility can be interacted with Ropes on the tree top, pulling down to a side, then held in place using logs or rocks, and turn into a sling/catapult trap. This can be a defensive mechanic as well as a trap to catch your daily needs!

Sapling Tree requires the least amount of ropes and logs, and can catch small animals. It 'may' snare predators (say, hounds), but will either last for a few moments, or the sapling tree will immediately break (into log and stump).

Normal Tree requires more ropes and logs, but can catch predators and snare or throw them away. This will be more of a RNG thing, chance to simply snare them for easy kill, or the rope snaps and throws the predator away, possibly to their death. The tree will break eventually, after many uses as a trap. Snapped ropes are not recoverable.

Big Tree (if you think the characters can even pull the trees down) require the most ropes, logs and rocks to hold the trap in place. Big tree takes a while to break, but eventually will. Ropes will not snap, but may need replacing after certain number of catches.

When trapped, animals or predators will be hanging from the tree. Animals can be harvested, while predators can be safely killed with no damage taken. You can also leave them hanging, possibly starving them to death cruelly, but beware of your naughty/sanity meter.

The tree sling/catapult traps can be improved with baits.

And of course, this tree sling/catapult trap thing is, not in the least, realistic. Just my 2 cents for a defensive mechanic.

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