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The short and sweet: I'm an artist more skilled in drawing than writing code and I'd like help from someone else to write code for several mods I have ideas for. In exchange, I'd like to offer my art for characters or items of whatever mod my partner is working on.
I was able to pick up on some of the basics of mod making (with lots of help) but scripting certainly isn't my strong point. I've gotten a bit ambitious and after getting halfway through my first mod, Sir Hoots, I've already begun plotting ideas for several other mods including one that changes game play to a degree.
Before I get to talking about my ideas here's a link to some examples of my art for anyone wondering what I'm capable of drawing.


Here's one of my ideas requiring the help of a more experienced script writer. May contain spoilers to the cartoon Over the Garden Wall.

I'd like to create several Over the Garden Wall characters for single player Don't Starve as well as Don't Starve Together, but the multiplayer can wait since DTS is still in beta.


First off The Woodsman.

A quick concept of the character and a starting inventory:



Items like the top hat are debatable since the game already has a top hat available and the axe would just be a basic game axe.

The stick bundle would be a type of backpack that converts living wood into a special oil over a long time to fuel the character specific lantern item.

The Dark Lantern would be a required item for the character to survive and wouldn't be replaceable. It would need to be kept from running out of fuel and burns through fuel whether it's on or not. It only creates light when turned on, but burns through fuel faster. It can only be fed living wood or living wood oil and if it runs out of fuel the character will either die or his sanity will drop to zero. I could use some more input on that.


This type of game style on the character would require some changes to the world, either requiring slightly more tree guards and living trees to spawn naturally in order to give the player sources of fuel. Though, on the other hand, it could be leveled in a way that the lantern drains slowly enough to give the player time to search for fuel.


That's one of the more code intensive mods I've thought about making, but I'm always coming up with new ideas and I'd love to have someone to work with that's just as inspired to create fun mods and wouldn't mind trying to work around some difficult coding to make these mods possible.


I suppose all I require from possible modding partners is some examples of script know how and maybe some past mods they've worked on.


I'm open to talking about these ideas more before working on them and I'd love feed back. Honestly if scripting didn't frustrate me so much I'd have a go at 'em on my own, but having someone by my side would help get them actually finished. Don't worry if you're a busy person either, this won't be an every day work kind of deal. As long as we can get a single day out of each week to work on mods I'd be happy with that.


Feel free to reply to the topic or send a private message if you'd like to inquire about working with me. If I feel we'll make a good team I'd like to ultimately exchange skype contacts to keep in in touch.


Ahem, so yeah. I hope that wasn't too much of a wall of text, but I'm very excited about creating Don't Starve mods and I blame some of my friends for hyping up my ideas when I share them.

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The Woodsman sounds like an interesting character concept. There are a few problems I can see from a gameplay point of view, however. One is that living wood is very rare. You'll have to spend large amounts of time felling forests to find tree guards or poisoned birchtrees, or searching for Perfectly Ordinary Trees. Nightmare fuel is easier to farm, as you can get it from beardlings. But what is the lantern giving you in return besides light? Some sort of special power? Otherwise is just another aspect to micromanage to stop yourself from dying. And you have plenty of those to keep you busy with already, especially in the early game before you have a base up and running and you can start grinding those harder to get items and ingredients.


So yes, a cool concept, but I think it needs more work to make it fun to play and less of a chore.

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