[Exploit] - Hologram projector 'overclocking'

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Bug Submission:

Category: Exploit
Platform: PC
Issue Title: Hologram projector 'overclocking'
Issue Description: Hologram projectors can easily be exploited: normally, before activation, when you put it (not throw) on the floor they looks like small 'cans' and that's ok. But after usage, they start using their "interrupted" model: it absolutely noiseless, provide shelter, ignore cooldown and can be used without any skill requirements



Steps to Reproduce: Easy guide to overclocking:
1. Get one dull and weak Hologram Projector
2. Put it on the floor before using (to compare)
3. Pick it up and use (throw somewhere nearby)
4. Pick it up again. Put it on the floor again.

5. You just got highly overclocked user-friendly Hologram Projector, put it wherever you like, as many time as you like per turn, for perfect almost undetectable shelter, even if you clumsy as akuma drone


changes back to "can" form after save/load

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