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feedback from first game play

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Last night i spent a couple hours on game play for the first time and I'm really satisfied so far! I wish Spring and Fall were integrated into the game (especially since fall is my favorite season to play in) but I understand the game is new and we can't have it all just yet. For what it is the game play is really smooth, however I noticed certain animations were slightly slow or choppy, mainly with other users but also when it came to picking things up or harvesting, though this may have had something to do with my internet connection or something with the server. Has anyone else run into this problem?

I also ran across a couple strange but minor glitches, both happened during Winter. The first happened when I was standing next to our camps fire pit with another player (They were playing as Wendy, I don't know if this is relevant or not) and they said they were stuck and couldn't move so I jokingly tried to free them by running into them and pushing. After a few times it actually unstuck them! The second happened when I was alone, I had just killed off a spiders nest and as I was collecting the spoils I was suddenly thrown back a short distance. I carried on none the less and it ended up happening six times almost consecutively in a small area of the map. It didn't inhibit my game play too much it was just slightly inconvenient.  

Additional info: I was playing a Wickerbotton for the duration of my game play.

I played exclusively no pvp and only on other peoples servers that weren't password protected. 


I cant wait to get back on i think I'm gonna invite some of my friends to play tonight! :wilson_laugh:  

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@captainheckawhat, The slowness/choppiness are related to lag, yes. If you're hosting and other players are having lag, they'll often look like they're stutterstepping (take one step, stop, take another step, stop, all very quickly).


The getting stuck until you get bumped bug has been reported a few times, so hopefully that gets fixed.


Getting thrown back is called "rubber banding", and it happens because your computer is predicting where you'll be on the server, but that prediction slowly gets out of sync due to lag, and eventually when you're far enough on your computer from where you actually are on the server, the server says "hey, you're not actually there. Go back."


You can exchange rubberbanding for choppiness temporarily by typing this onto the console:

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