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SHANK OSX Retina Display Issue Thread [Fix Pending!]


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We've confirmed reports of resolution issues on retina display machines where the game is displaying offset on the screen. We have submitted a fix to Apple and are awaiting their approval!


The problem only seems to occur on initialization. Once the game is up and running, changing resolutions through the settings menu works, but pleasedo not select anything beyond 1920x1200 for now.

If you change your screen size to anything beyond 1920x1200, the offset error makes it so that the settings menu can't be usefully accessed. If this has occurred, you'll need to delete your graphics settings.

To delete your graphics settings you need to navigate to the "Users/<username>/Library/Containers/com.KleiEntertainment.Shank/Data/Library/Application Support/Shank/steamcloud/users/" folder and delete "graphics_settings.bin".

We'll update this thread with more information once our fix has gone live!

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