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Bug Submission:

Category: Gameplay

Issue Title: Wickerbottom - Applied Horticulture

Issue Description: 1st of all it hasn't happened to me but to my brother, he asked me to report it since I've got an account here already.

It was winter, he tried to use Wickerbottom's book "Applied Horticulture" on a berry bush. It worked on a tree next to it but didn't work on the berry bush. He tried again on a different berry bush. Same thing happened again.

Steps to Reproduce: There wasn't anything unusual happening then.

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dnaflyer Wickerbottom's book "Applied Horiculture" is not supposed to work in the middle of winter. During winter no crops or resource supplies are to grow.

But yeah, the book won't work during winter on anything, aside from trees.

I'd suggest that your brother not use it at all during the season as sanity is a pain in the neck already to deal with in Winter.

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