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Bug Submission:

Category: General
Issue Title: spawnpoint_multiplayer blocks placement
Issue Description: There are certain places in the world that for mysterious reasons, you cannot place anything. After testing my build grid mod and as a result finding such a spot, I investigated other spawnpoint_multiplayers, and found that all of them created an unplaceable area.

If I understand correctly, the fix for this is for them to be tagged as fx? I tried adding it myself and it seemed to fix it.

I think this is probably the same bug as the "evil ground" on that got reported a couple weeks back. I'll try to find that report to link it.


Edit: This one.

Steps to Reproduce: c_gonext('spawnpoint_multiplayer') (repeat until you're not at the portal one)

Try to place a pinecone or whatever, encounter the evil spot on the ground.

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