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Hotfix 119235 - 12/03/2014

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  • Auto-subscribe to server mods option added to options screen. Defaults to false.

  • Added “<” and “>” characters to chat input

  • AddAction now backwards compatible with old api.

  • Items with the “irreplaceable” tag will now drop from your inventory, unless they are your own character specific items, when you disconnect.

  • Adding client_only_mod = true to a mod’s modinfo.lua file now prevents client only mods from showing up in the server's mod list.


Bug Fixes

  • Abigail can no longer be dispelled with one hit by players other than the owner

  • Host player is no longer immune to all Abigail auras

  • Tentacles will no longer target invisible entities

  • Fixed ghost badge not showing up sometimes when joining a Survival game in progress

  • Fixed crash sometimes when hammering an occupied bird cage

  • Fixed hard crash when refreshing server listings

  • Fixed issue causing long running servers to disappear from the server listing

  • Fixed crash sometimes when loading a saved game


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