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Bug Submission:

Category: Gameplay

Issue Title: LAN map reset

Issue Description: In the last "Stuck in the Middle with Ewe" update,I tried to host a LAN server. Everything worked fine but when me and my friend disconnected from the server and later came back, the map had reset, showing only the place we were standing on. We tried moving on the world and then disconnecting again, but the map resets every time. I tried with a new server on "online" mode and the map worked normally, so I think its a LAN bug only.

Steps to Reproduce: Host a LAN server, move in the world and discover map zones, disconnect from the server and go back in, map has reset and shows just the spot you're standing on.

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I have the same problem

HOST LAN disconnect from the server and map reset discover map zones, this happens only with the HOST, who entered the server continues with normal map


correcting what I said, the error is in the host player and the other entering the server LAN also, that the fix 119133.
in 118446 fix the error is only in the host lan player, and who enters the server gets the explored map normally saved, it's a really weird bug even
something to help: last lines of the log

Reset() returning

Attempting to send resume request


Received request to resume from: session/07800046D23C7249/OU_76561197960271507

OnResumeRequestLoadComplete – UserID OU_76561197960271507

[Load] SPAWNING PLAYER AT: (233.51, 0.00, -218.70)

Deserialize local session session/07800046D23C7249/OU_76561197960271507

Failed to load minimap from session data: session/07800046D23C7249/OU_76561197960271507_minimap


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