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Game font entreaty

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Hello. I'm creator of russian translation mod for this birlliant game.

Until now I was using fonts, found on the Internet.

The main font is Belissa plumilla manual.


Sadly it doesn't have all symbols in symboltable, that requires DST.

I know, you added some new glyphs manually. But I don't have them, so I will have to cut those new glyph from the texture and insert them manually to the localized font texture with Bitmap Font Generator. And, you know, this is really an uphill task.


Could you be so kind and share with me (and other translators of the community) your new version of Belissa Plumilla manual font (I mean the ttf source)?



P.S. Bitmap Font Generator presets (for four types of game fonts) would be also extremely usefull in case if you use this tool (don't beat me :joyous: ).

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