[Exploit] - Capture Bee and Kill Bee At The Same Time Catches Bee And It Still Drops Loot


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Bug Submission:

Category: Exploit
Issue Title: Capture Bee and Kill Bee At The Same Time Catches Bee And It Still Drops Loot
Issue Description:

I was playing as host, and had other people join my server. One of them was catching bees while I was attacking a killer bee. But when I was one hit away from killing the bee, the other player attempted to catch the same bee.

The bee died dropping its loot (stinger was dropped), as the other player just started the animation for catching bees. Catching sound triggered, and we realized we both got what we were doing separately.He got another bee in his inventory, while I was able to pick up the stinger dropped by the bee.

This might not really be an exploit since timing the catch and last hit is difficult, but if practiced it might really be exploitable.

There have been other situations when doing different actions on the same object in-game, results in both actions being completed. I have yet to test for doing the same action on only one object. i.e. two players try and catch the same bug at the same time.

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Hit a bee multiple times until it is only one hit away from dying.
2. Hit the same bee while another player catches the bee with the bug net at roughly the same time.

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