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Because I'm usually left with 3-5 pinecones after a day of environmentally-conscious and treeguard-free woodcutting and I think they can be put to better use if there's better fuel available. Plus I find the food tab too empty. Fits the ominous title "Don't Starve", but I kind of like options.


There's pine nuts in pinecones, which are generally edible, but in most cases too small to make them worthwhile. So how about a machine you can insert, say, three pinecones in to generate one batch of pine nuts (that seems about fair since it requires an entire berry bush for one batch of berries)? It'd be something new since I don't think there's any other uneatable item you can convert into food (give or take honeycombs in recipes, but that works a bit differently).


It'd mean that you can't use them as food on a journey unless you build a machine on the spot, but it'd provide a minor food income during winter (which would help vegetarian characters, which I still want to see implemented. Maybe they can make one from the start rather than having to unlock the recipe?)


I reckon it'd require pinecones to get a spoil time, which seems just fine to me since I usually get rid of them in two days tops, the one exception being when I have to spend time on collecting them after a forest fire/charcoal harvest. If they'd last as long as birchnuts, gameplay shouldn't be affected too badly.


Any recipes I can see added if nuts become less of a RoG-exclusive thing are veggie burgers and cheese & nuts (which would only leave a need for grapes and an opportunity to brew ice wine from them. Or does adding alcohol up the rating?)


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It doesn't take away your ability to do that. But I generally don't have the trees in my designated woodcutting forests be all too close near each other, so there's always a starter pile of pinecones I have no purpose for. And after that, I favor too cut down full grown trees if there are no dying ones around, so that leaves me with extra pinecones usually. Because I always have a good pile of poop with me, I have no need for the pinecones as fuel. It'd be nice if I had more options to make use of them

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...You've got something against pine nuts or do you think pinecones become too multi-functional this way? Because I'm not good at this not-direct stuff if that's what you're going for.


Much like a designated woodcutting forest, I make designated "burn it all" areas to have a supply of charcoal. Hunting for Krampus after that means I have little need for more than two areas that I extremely rarely use. Charcoal's main use after the basics like drying racks are fire darts, for which the other two ingredients are much harder to collect.


There's also only so much wood that I need in a certain period. Once I've got my lureplant collection going and have added a touch of luxury to the base, most I use it for are tooth traps and sewing kits and houses, none of which have wood as the bottleneck. More chests are useful, but that's in part because I have more charcoal than I have use for.


But food is something you can't hold onto forever and there's only so many ways to get food during winter. It shouldn't help much, but what helps helps. And like I said, the suggestion is with potential vegetarian characters in mind, which I'd like to see added.



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