[General] - Big lag spikes that act like crashes


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Bug Submission:

Category: General

Issue Title: Big lag spikes that act like crashes

Issue Description: There seems to be big lag spikes that happen a lot, they can last up to thirty seconds, and the program does the whole "wait for program to respond" stuff. Which looks like a crash, but if you wait long enough it'll fix.

And no, it's not my computer.

Steps to Reproduce: There isn't any specific way to get it to happen, it just happens randomly. Probably happens every 5-10 days, occurs pretty randomly.

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Firsly, I'd suggest you also state whether you were host or a client when these things happen. Or if you were doing anything specific for each event.


Secondly, If it's not your computer, I'd still suggest you state your PC specs as a way to affirm it really isn't. 


Thirdly, the next time it happens, take note on the interval been each big lag spikes that act like crashes.


Lastly because I'd like to think it happens when the server take snapshots of the map that would serve as rollback options once something goes horribly wrong so you can return to a specific state of the map that you like. i.e. a Willow just burned your grass and sapling farm, you can rollback with a snapshot before they were burnt down. 


Anyways, that's all I have to say. So if these didn't help, I hope someone with a better know-how will. Good luck!

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