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Bug Submission:

Category: General

Issue Title: A bug with Willow

Issue Description: it is kinda 2 bugs with 1 character. First thing is when willow's sanity is at the amount when she stars burning things, only i saw the the flames, my friend(playing willow) didn't. The second was when he went to sleep(with sanity even lower) after a few seconds he burned the sleeping bag and woke up xD.

Steps to Reproduce: Just get willow's sanity to a point when she starts burning everything and try to sleep. Also have someone else in the game and will be able to check about the flames too.

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As far I've read and experienced, only hosts can see Willow's fires that result from having low sanity. Which other players on the same server, would only end up seeing a pile of ash suddenly appear near Willow after the fire has done it's job. Other times people suddenly just get the you-are-burning effect and not realize its actually from Willow's drawback of having low sanity. Though I've never experienced a Willow burning a sleeping bag/bed roll while sleeping in it. That's news to me.


Anyways, Willow definitely is currently buggy in DST.

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