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Ways to pinpoint people on the map

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Over the last few weeks of playing DST, I have witnessed and experienced people in most servers having problems with the inaccurate way of finding people through the map, which most people think is often a problem because one would stray away from a group and would be unable to find his or her friends. So today, an amazing idea had popped into my head: What if we use the moon rocks and compasses together?

                               Allow me to explain: If you know somethings about Meteorites, you would know that they have a small magnetic pull (Correct me if i'm wrong) and compasses are attracted to such things, right?

So what if Klei were to use 2-4 moon rocks to craft a poll or an object to have a magnetic pull from the compass which then if the character would examine a compass, which direction the CLOSEST character would be. Example: Im a new player, I strayed away from my dear friend who is showing me where the base is, She just so happened to had made the magnetic moon rock object and I had a compass in my inventory, and when I examine the compass it would say something like "North" because I was in the southern area and willow (my friend) had something that led the compass to show where she was.


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