Update 7 save file issue notice.

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Hey everyone,

In Update 7, we had a bug where if players had an Endless Mode game in their save list, the save file was created with invalid data. For these people, the save file would be corrupt, and the game would generate a new one. Thus, for about 24 hrs, those with Endless Mode games who loaded up the game would have their save file disappear the next time they loaded the game.

This has been fixed, but we apologize for those players affected. Losing save files should never be okay!

We try really hard to preserve your save state as we keep updating the game; unfortunately, this time a bug slipped through, and although we turned around a fix as soon as we could, a bunch of you were affected and we feel pretty bad about that. If you have a file you think is corrupt, please feel free to send it to livesupport@kleientertainment.com and we can manually help you out.

Thanks for your patience, folks!

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I wasn't affected by this issue, but I must say that you guys are awesome.  I really appreciate how hard you work to give us a good experience rather than just telling us to expect these bugs, which you'd honestly have every right to say.

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