[Gameplay] - I can't walk through narrow area of swamp labyrinth


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Category: Gameplay

Issue Title: I can't walk through narrow area of swamp labyrinth

Issue Description: I was playing on a server and found a labyrinth of swamp tiles filled with tentacles, much like ones that are generated in Adventure mode. It was blocking a large area of the map. It was shown as it can be passed almost directly, but actually I couldn't walk that way, like there were the ocean in the way. I had to walk in the long way through the labyrinth (I was nearly killed by tentacles because of this unexpected issue). It looked like I'm walking but staying at one place, however there was clearly enough space for me to walk through. I think it can be a drawing issue because there is usually no straight way through the labyrinth. There was nothing but the ocean that could block my path (no builders and such), and the connection problem icon wasn't shown. I didn't experience this problem at any other place of the map on the server.

Unfortunately I didn't make screenshots, and I don't have any files because it was a stranger's server.

Steps to Reproduce: 1. Have someone to create a server. Join it.

2. Find a tentacle labyrinth.

3. Try to walk through it using all possible ways that are visible.

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