[General] - Player markers blocks inventory slots


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Bug Submission:

Category: General

Issue Title: Player markers blocks inventory slots

Issue Description: If any other player is nearby outside of the screen, a marker appears showing direction to their position. This marker is shown above the inventory (including backpack area), making some slots unavailable. You cannot click on them with mouse. This could lead to catastrophic consequences, for example if the only torch the player has cannot be equipped.

I see that markers cannot be beneath inventory because they would be invisible. However, they can be made semi-transparent (and transparent for mouse events). Also they can be slightly re-positioned above the repository (or to the left of backpack area) where there are no other GUI elements. Less acceptably, they also can be made to disappear when user is clicking on them in panic or when they click a hot key (like Esc).

Steps to Reproduce: 1. Have something in the inventory.

2. Have another player positioned at south (down) to you one-two screens away.

3. Try to move or use inventory item under other player's marker.

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