[Sound] - Meteor Shower Sound Triggers on Host Without Any Meteor Shower Nearby At All


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Bug Submission:

Category: Sound

Issue Title: Meteor Shower Sound Triggers on Host Without Any Meteor Shower Nearby At All

Issue Description: For reasons I cannot explain why but I will try to explain as best as I can, meteor shower sound triggers on player host side even if host isn't anywhere near a meteor prone area. The sounds seemed like host was actually in the center of the meteor shower.

But the only player that is actually experiencing meteor shower is a player client in the meteor shower prone area.

None of the presets that involves meteors were changed or modified on the server. No mods were used. Client experiencing the shower on their side of the game has 100-150 ping to host. None of the other player clients has heard the sounds like host did. Event occurred on a server created before today's latest Hotfix.

I can't provide any video proof or any game logs, nor a copy of the server save files as I have forgotten which server I made had that event occur.

I've done a simple search on bugs about meteors, but no one has posted anything like this.

I haven't done any actual reproduction of the event but hopefully it occurs again if done the same way.

Steps to Reproduce:

1. Player Host, starts own server.

2. Have another player join the server.

3. Host and player stay apart, while player goes to an accident prone area and wait for meteors.

4. Host must be elsewhere on the map and nowhere near the accident prone area.

5. Once player experiences a meteor shower, host will hear the same meteor shower sounds.

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