Mushroom men

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I came across a post from iflscience about the biggest living organism and then it hit me.

Much like their post I would like to see a forest infested by a humongous mushroom that keeps on growing in forests and spawns at night mushroom men as mobs that you can kill to collect their caps.

During the day, the forest can be available for harvesting red mushrooms, at dusk green ones while some pair of eyes are looking at you from the forest and at night the blue ones comes for revenge. As long as you remain in the vicinity of the forest.

With the expansion of the mushroom forest, so can a giant spawn whom will be able to drop you an item that you could craft into a mush-hat with a miner hat. That item would keep your sanity levels stable at night and enable you to see at night but be completely unstable during the day because you would see everything bright. Lastly, you would be able to freely enter and interact with the mushroom men at night. For example by giving them something alive, like a rabbit they would be able to follow you until sunrise or in the caves. A cave entrance seems a good idea to have in a place like this.

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