[General] - Inactive Turret Enters Overwatch / Shoots Guard

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Bug Submission:

Category: General

Platform: PC

Issue Title: Inactive Turret Enters Overwatch / Shoots Guard

Issue Description: I was close to the end of a mission with no casualties when a guard entered the vision of a turret I'd had to hack control of. I wanted to preserve funds, so my goal is to NOT KILL THE GUARD.

I immediately hacked the power supply and then switch it to INACTIVE.

The next turn, the guard moved and the Turret entered OVERWATCH.

The turn after that, the turret SHOT and KILLED the guard.

I rewound and had to keep flipping the turret power ON/OFF (INACTIVE -> ACTIVE -> INACTIVE) to prevent the turret from shooting the guard.

Steps to Reproduce: See above.

Save game file attached.

Note: I cannot upload .lua files (that seems silly).

So I renamed the file to *.lua.txt

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