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Attacking mobs from non-host connection

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I went looking for a post about this and couldn't find anything, so I apologize if its a repost.

When I play as an additional player, I can't attack, unless its computer controlled like the boomerang.  PVP is off.  

My boyfriend and I wandered into a walrus camp to kill them, and with spears or other melee items the server doesn't want to record that I'm attacking them, and the 'stun lock' on spiders or wolves don't work.  The work around is to have me run in and be bait while he runs up and kills them which doesn't work well with large amounts of spiders.    

I hear the attack noises, but the attack never makes it across the server.  Both boxes are on a Google Fiber connection, and from what I can tell there's no noticeable lag in any other situation.  

Even if my partner is not with me, I can die to a single spider, because nothing actually happens.  


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This sounds like a pretty serious problem. Until it gets fixed, however, you could try turning off action prediction on the console (you'll have to do this every time you enter a server) with this command:


Hopefully that will let you attack stuff, although your movement will be a bit choppier/delayed (it shows what's actually happening on the server; normally the game tries to make it look smoother on your end).


Edit: In the future try to post stuff like this in Bug Reports. If you posted it here because it wasn't letting you post there, it's because you need to use the bug reporting form which is pinned at the top of the bug report subforum.

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