Shenny's miscellaneous DS and DST videos!


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After watching my boyfriend stream Don't Starve, I eventually became intrigued and started playing myself. The rest, as they say, is history.


I regularly stream on twitch for my boyfriend when he gets home from work. He brings work home with him so he'll keep the stream on in the background and half watch, half work. Most, if not all, of my videos will be highlights from my stream exported to youtube. The first two videos I'm about to post have terrible quality because I had the bitrate set low for reasons. Any future videos and streams will be of much better quality. You won't see any mods, colorful commentary, or awesome music video compilations from me, but whatever. It's a videos forum.



I had three beefalo herds in the same vicinity that were growing larger and larger, and I worried about eventually becoming overrun. So when opportunity came knocking to solve the situation, I opened the door.




My boyfriend had never seen the one-man band, the magic item that encourages pigs to follow you. I decided to show him. Did it matter that I was playing Webber? Not really...









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