Cloaking Rig on Dr Xue caused invisibility for more than 4 tiles.

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Anyone else had this bug?


Sometimes, but with different Agents. I also assume you are referring to Cloaking Rig I or Deckards Rig.

When you move in a straight line you'll still be cloaked in the 5th tile.


I think it's more of a movement bug then a Cloaking bug. Moving diagonally either costs 1 or 2 AP. It's possible for an Agent with 10 AP to move 14 tiles, by using pit-stops. The same rule also applies to guards, who are also sometimes able to move further than they normally should (9 or 10 tiles, while not running).


Due to this the furthest I've been able to run with Cloak I is 7 tiles. This is however not a consistent applicable exploit.

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