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Glitch Report

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For some reason I couldn't log this in the normal area, however we sadly also didn't figure out how to replicate some of these Glitches we encountered.


When playing with a friend we encountered spiders, as per usual they started to follow, however even from a far distance when they lunged and bit the air infront of them it hit the character and hurt their health.
Another one we encountered was the road didn't allow us to walk upon it. When running towards the road the character became stuck and wasn't able to go any further without going back and going around the glitched area.
InThePast Glitch-We were just calling it this as it pretty much redid everything you previously had the person do, movements and everything happened over and over until they were finished to the point we hadn't touched the controller.
Anybody else have these Glitches happen??
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The way you submit bug reports is by going to the pinned "Submitting Bug Reports" topic, then clicking on the link to the bug submission form.


These all sound like action prediction mishaps in very laggy conditions. If the person you're playing with doesn't say "Good Host" on the scoreboard, and you don't have a ping around 100 or below, then you're going to run into stuff like this. Currently whether someone is a good host matters a fair bit more than ping.

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