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Hello~! - Don't Starve Newbie

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Hello there fellow survivors. I'm a new player to the game DS, and so far I am loving it. I've been wondering, since there is no accurate information for DST. Is there still a way to get into the multiplayer aspect of the game for DST? I don't want to buy a key since I am guessing the release is right around the corner and I was wondering if anyone had a spare key or two for me and a friend. Also since I've started the game I've been having trouble surviving at night time. Does anyone have any strategies for a newbie like myself? :) Also I am a huge fan of Markiplier and Bob and cudos to them for picking up DST! 

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I think you're looking for these forums : http://forums.kleientertainment.com/forum/73-dont-starve-together-beta/  :)


I also, do not suggest buying free things :) and wish you luck at getting them for free!


During their last stream they made some neat announcements, being discussed here: http://forums.kleientertainment.com/topic/44590-announcements-on-last-nights-live-stream/ 

One I wanted to point out for you


- After they hit their target date, they're going to figure out a way to get people in beta that didn't sign up for it. Specifics will be announced around the time of the target date, I would guess :razz:

So right now, in my opinion, the best chance for a key is winning one at their streams (they have random giveaways there) I put more information in my signature link if you need. Also, in the next coming weeks I expect to learn some more ways for people to get involved with DST or more information in general :)!


Here is a link that contains several updates and information links that they've sent out: http://steamcommunity.com/app/219740/discussions/0/522730076026059725/



Night time hasn't really been the issue for me. Especially with torches. I always make sure I can either make a torch or have one on hand. Asap.  Usually when I start a I just focus on torches and scout out the edge of the map, usually till I find beefalos and make my first camp around them. 


When I first started out though, I made camps usually I tried to make it by rocks or trees, so during the night I had something to do and never wasted time.


Here was a little guide I found, that might give you some good tips! http://dont-starve-game.wikia.com/wiki/Guides/Surviving_the_first_month


Good luck! :) And welcome to the forums!

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