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[MOD/CHARACTER] Lil' Loominati - The Triangle Guy

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This is Lil' Loominati. A human-like being of the Illuminati with Eye of Providence.

As you know there is the Illuminati what watches over the happenings on Earth and controlls from the background. The Illuminati has sensed something. Something what couldn't be manipulated from this world so decided to check it out by itself. *You'll learn the rest from the dialogues with Maxwell*

*It's the Illuminati, even if a visible form
*A bit stronger and faster than the others
*Creatures what have a bit of mind won't attack unless provoked
*Thanks to that one and all-seeing eye, can see in the dark
*200 Health/Hunger and Sanity
*Sanity and hunger goes down a bit slower
*Maxwell doesn't really likes him
*Custom music included

Bach's Toccata and Fugue in D minorScott Joplin's Elite Syncopations and music from the Child of Light



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The artwork on the eye needs to be less photo-ish and more in the dont starve style.  Currently it really seems out of place.  Concept is great

Which makes it unenjoyable to even look at.  Right now it just looks like copy/paste art.  It doesnt look like it belongs in the game.

Well, yeah. Thanks or whatever. I ain't a big artist may that's the case why I used to make more photo like characters. I'll try to refine the eye artwork a bit as you said.


EDIT: Well, @seronis-sama I tried to draw some and replaced the original at least 10 types of artwork but any of them wasn't enough good illuminati looking and I got texture errors. Although without modifying the textures I don't find it "unenjoyable to even look at" so I guess, I'll leave the textures be UNLESS someone won't appear and shout that "I'll willingly make a DS style Eye of Providence artwork!" what would be pretty... unexpected.

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