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Bug Submission:

Category: General

Issue Title: Web Browser doesn't open

Issue Description: I recently got a key for don't starve, so kept 1 for me and another for a friend.I open up the game and click "Play Online!"

However when it says to create account by opening up my web browser and I click "create account"

Nothing happens...

I just go back to the menu.

My friend got in but I dint.

Am I doing something wrong?

Steps to Reproduce: 1. Open up game

2. click "play online"

3. click "create account"

4. back to menu

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  • Developer

Hey MilkyMilker,


Sorry about this issue- not sure what's going on.  It seems like we can't rely on the system browser working,  I'll look at using the built in Steam browser one on Monday.


You could check and see if you have any programs interfering with us opening a browser (ad-aware or anti-virus).  You could also log into a friends computer with your Steam, and create your account there- the browser is only required for registering. 



-Mark Laprairie


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