[Graphics] - Farewell, Teenbird.

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Bug Submission:

Category: Graphics
Issue Title: Farewell, Teenbird.
Issue Description: It's a little strange, as this isn't happening with Smallbirds, nor is it happening with fully grown Tallbirds.
When the Teenbird stops moving, it will start to drift away, sometimes pretty far off screen. If it starts an animation, it will snap back to the place where the server says it is.
This only seems to be happening to the client, as the host will not experience this.




Mods Active: Rezecib's More DST Characters Mod.

If this has submitted three times, I apologize.
Steps to Reproduce: Acquire Tallbird egg
Hatch Tallbird egg
Raise to Teenbird
Observe as it slides away, only to snap back to scream at you.

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