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How to make Language mod? Please help

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Hello, I want to translate this game to turkish. Many Turkish players waiting the translate. So i sent a mail to klei and they ask me to what i need to translate the game. I asked 'How can i make language mod'' but 5 days past and no answer yet. So i decied to create a topic.


Can anyone teach me how to do language mod? 


Thank you ^^

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The translation mod is just an example of how to configure the game to use your translation.

To update your translation after a Don't Starve update

Every update, we will update the template file to include all the new strings we've added. To edit your translation:

  • Open your po file in POEdit.
  • Click Catalog->Update from POT file... and select dont_starve/data/scripts/languages/strings.pot
  • Translate the untranslated text, and save.
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