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Hotfix 117414 &117660 - 11/21/2014

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  • Renamed “Ban List” to “Manage Bans”
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed physics bug when jumping out of wormholes
  • Fixed slow camera shake from distant meteor showers
  • Fixed various traps to not assert on dedicated servers and to act on the correct player on non dedicated servers.



  • Client movement prediction for player ghosts
  • Clients now have support for camera shakes
  • Improve meteor shower tuning (less stuff will accrue over time, which will reduce performance issues)
  • Add support for mod chars in playerbadge and targetindicator
  • Optimized network packet size
  • Player bans are now persistent rather than being cleared on shutdown. They can be managed through a new screen accessible from the server hosting screen, or by editing blocklist.txt (in the save folder) directly.
Bug Fixes
  • Fix bug where players will not stop sliding if they were revived while moving
  • Fix bug where clients may rubberband if  the pause menu, map, or chat bar is opened while the player is moving
  • Fix missing name on some boulders spawned by meteors
  • Fix server listing refresh button not greying out properly
  • Fix assert when trying to spawn pengulls after a player left


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